1. How can i save my data?  ·  declined

  2. Support POST data in Stackdriver uptime checks

  3. Cloud pubsub emulator does not handle 202 response code correctly on push endpoints.

  4. Allow Chained Subscriptions e.g. User -> Team -> Data  ·  under review

  5. i hava applied two GPUs two three days ago, but still have no response  ·  declined

  6. Emulator should not need content-type header, or provide proper error response

  7. Link cards to more data

  8. INFORMATION_SCHEMA returns data for all objects in all projects by default

  9. Your Geo-IP data is not accurate.

  10. Allow Change Data Capturing on Cloud SQL Databases, using Replication slots for Logical Decoding  ·  available (pre-GA)

  11. Why goes allocate address not print out the address as the response? Weird!  ·  under review

  12. Data tranfer from from Google my business application to website to

  13. Kindly highlight the nearest Region and Zone based on User data in Compute Engine  ·  under review

  14. Ability to load data to BigQuery Partitions from dataflow pipelines (Python)

  15. Can I move data from Cloud SQL and Spanner to BigQuery using DataFlow ?

  16. It would be helpful if you could query logs either based on a regex or some simpler pattern matching syntax such as SQL's LIKE keyword

  17. I would like to add Morpheus Data, a Cloud Management Platform (CMP), to the Marketplace.

  18. "global service" is a drawback for those who need strict guarantee that data does not move across regions (EU).

  19. I want to dump data from reading a large csv file from bucket to postgres. could you provide a code for this??

  20. Add a QA Service

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