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    started  ·  Paul Nash responded

    Hello folks,

    We are currently testing a new option that may help people send mail without using a third party service. If you are interested in testing this product, please fill out the interest request form here1. Product Management for the feature may reach out to you.

    We are also continuing to make improvements to our system to allow for some customers that have an established relationship with us to apply for an exception to be able to send directly on port 25. There are a number of IP reputation issues that have to be worked through for such a use case, so it should not be considered a common solution that will meet everyone’s needs.

    We will have more updates on both of these items over time.

    1 https://www.google.com/url?q=https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScg6ponYf4bc9HftBh4H4LypqpqKm3AS3bEJ20u_EfgTw59GQ/viewform&sa=D&source=hangouts&ust=1539107700687000&usg=AFQjCNFJ4f8dyp1OgCLUwjeLWoUKY1-Z6Q

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    Mick Wright commented  · 


    So what is basically the case here is that it is completely pointless me setting up VestaCP or any website where I want control of my email server, I'll be forced to use a (cough) trusted third party... what if I don't trust your trusted third party, they haven't met my criteria to be trusted have they? And I'm the customer right?

    This blocking of outgoing email is essentially a showstopper here, surely, for heavens sake Google are aware of this, I refuse to believe you are all really that daft! There's no point in the compute engine for actual websites if in house, private, email analysis and outgoing emails are blocked? That seems a little pointless wouldn't you say?

    Google are the worlds leader in machine learning, web applications, operating systems (given android), and cloud services, yet you can't distinguish a spammer who's credit card details and address you have from a bone-fide customer? Really? I find that extraordinarily hard to believe if I'm being honest here. In fact is complete nonsense, I'm not buying it! 100% of Google cloud customers have already demonstrated their full contact details, address, location and everything a spammer wouldn't give you in a billion years. You are punishing everyone based on the premise that some might be the dumbest spammers on earth and spam (which I'm sure they will for maybe a nanosecond until you'd shut them down) and the second premise is that you would be powerless to notice such SMTP traffic leaving their instance? Really?

    This is not exactly engendering a lot of trust on my part if one of the largest IT companies on the planet can't determine spam from regular email. Yet you can of course. Google manage this feat of engineering fine with my gmail address. Also stop asking me for my email address at every turn and on every communication, its a google email address and I'm logged in...

    In addition I found this out today, after spending several days rooting through config files in Vesta and Exim trying to work out why mail wasn't leaving my local server.... Thats just not good enough, you've eaten through my time. It might not be a lot to you guys but my time is money! You wasted my time here...

    An email to the email address registered with my account, when my mails bounce off this firewall, would have been nice, and saved me a lot of time, time that makes your testing budget, given graciously (thank you) a pretty much pointless exercise! Thanks for that, that's just super!

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